Roger is a service for children whose parents work irregular hours and thus suffer from inconsistent sleep schedules. Roger releases a pre-recorded bedtime story every night at a specified time and gives children an incentive to get to bed on their own.
Product Designer
User research, problem definition, UX/UI design, industrial design, art direction.
This project took place over 3 months between January and March, 2019
Inconsistent sleep is detrimental for children's development
Irregular sleep contributes to disparities in children's health, school, and behavioral outcomes, but parents working non-standard shifts have trouble implementing a rigid bedtime routine.
Create a structured bedtime ritual
This product aims to get children to bed on time, especially when parents aren't around. Ultimately, the goal is to create consistency and predictability in children's daily routines—an outcome that relieves parental stress and improves children's health, behaviour, and cognitive development.
Kevin Cook Design | Lamp on desk
Roger acts as a nightlight and a radio. The two functions work in unison to create an age appropriate bedtime ritual.
Pre-recorded bedtime stories
Roger is a platform that allows parents (and other role models) to pre-record stories for their children to hear before bed.

Parents record stories via a mobile app and upload their content to Roger's queue. At bedtime, children can listen to the stories by interacting with the product.
Kevin Cook Design | How It Works Diagram
Get ready for bed
When it's time for bed, Roger will calmly sound for a 6-minute window. Simply lift Roger's head to tune in to the story. A light indicates how much time is left until the story starts, giving children a few extra minutes to get ready for bed.
Kevin Cook Design | Lamp turned on
The nightlight indicates how much time is left until the story begins.
When the light makes a full rotation, the story begins with a pavlovian chime and ritual anecdote about bedtime.

Over the course of the story—about 12 minutes, the light slowly dims. When the story is done, Roger wishes the child goodnight and notifies their parents they've gone to bed.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger Task Flow Diagram
To understand who I was designing for, I conducted 12 initial phone interviews with single parents of low-income ($20K–$30K/year). I found patterns in users perceptions and tasks and aggregated my findings in the form of a persona.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger Persona
To better understand the user's context, I created a series of possible scenarios. I then created a storyboard to map out the intended experience and visualize key touch points.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger Storyboard
User flows and wireframes
I started by creating user flows and wireframes to capture the application's primary task of recording a story.
Kevin Cook Design | Failsafe Diagram
Kevin Cook Design | Roger App Wireframe
Failsafes and Edge Scenarios
I then considered edge scenarios and designed a prioritization system for the content queue. If no content is uploaded before the daily deadline, Roger defaults to the daily cast. Likewise, if multiple recordings are uploaded, the earlier content takes priority.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger Status Queue
When a user signs in, they'll be prompted to connect to a WiFi network and begin customizing the device. After entering a child's name, age and wake up time, Roger will calculate the optimal time for bed.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger App Onboarding
Choosing a story
Users can continue reading stories from the library or purchase new ones in the home section. Longer texts will be broken up into chapters, and users can pick up where they left off.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger App Golden Path
Recording a story
Within the text UI, users can tap on the screen to reveal the record button and tap again to make it disappear. When finished recording, users can replay the text, save it, or publish to selected channels.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger App RecordingKevin Cook Design | Roger Lamp on Desk
Behind the scenes
Early sketches exploring interaction methods, form exploration using foam and MDF, functional prototype combines mechanical snap fit with conductive ring to complete the circuit.
Kevin Cook Design | Roger Early SketchesKevin Cook Design | Roger PrototypesKevin Cook Design | Roger Functional PrototypeKevin Cook Design | Roger CAD

Press and Awards

European Product Design Award (EPDA)
Silver in Interactive Lighting Projects / 2019

IDSA International Design Excellence Award (IDEA)
Finalist / 2019
Closer Kin
This project was conducted as part of my MFA Thesis, Closer Kin: Building Stronger Family Environments by Design at SVA Products of Design.
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