Stigma is getting in the way of our health
For over 80 years, cannabis has been stigmatized and unjustly portrayed as an intoxicating substance. Today, more people turn to harmful substances such as alcohol and prescription drugs to manage stress.
A healthy self-care ritual
Nimbus dares to tackle the controversial topic of cannabis consumption and portrays a more vivid image of what it could be used for. By creating a new gesture and ritual, Nimbus celebrates people who want to use cannabis for self-care and wellness.
Strategy & Product Design
Our team consisted of 3 other members. My roles included conducting user interviews, clustering insights, establishing a strategic direction, exploring forms and building physical prototypes.
Team members include: Phuong Anh Nguyen, Runshi Wei, and John Boran Jr.
De-stressing is contextual
Our team conducted 3 site visits, 4 expert interviews and 12 user interviews. Our research led us to find out that relaxing is contextual—meaning it's based on the environments and associations that we create for ourselves.
Winding down at home
Nimbus was designed considering the context of winding down at home. Counter to the cigarette form factor present in most of the vape market, Nimbus speaks the same formal language as a beautiful houseware product.

Using the product evokes a ceremonial gesture. This gestures serves as a catalyst that creates a single purposeful moment in the day for people to transition from work into a restful evening.
A chain reaction in other areas of health
Managing stress and sleep are the first steps to a healthier lifestyle and may cause a chain reaction to other areas of health including nutrition and exercise. With the health benefits of CBD, Nimbus gives users permission to take care of themselves in ways that mirror their existing daily rhythms.
Behind the Scenes
Initial storyboarding to understand constraints, physical prototypes of possible solutions, mould making and casting first and second prototypes, initial user flows to map mobile app interactions.